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Do you ever see athletic shoe reviews that are too technical?  Here’s one that I read recently…

“Flywire technology wraps the midfoot and arch; Waffle pistons absorb impact; BRS 1000 carbon rubber in high-wear zones provides great durability and traction.”

What do these things even mean?  I’m not a scientist or a shoe expert, so I have no idea what flywire technology, waffle pistons, and BRS 1000 carbon rubber are or what they have to do with making my athletic shoes comfortable. 

Or what about shoe reviews written by people who receive free shoes in exchange for saying something good about the product?  The reviewer writes a glowing report about how amazing these shoes are, when actually they may have fallen apart after two or three uses.  How is slanted information going to help me choose the shoes that are right for me?

You're Invited to Share Your Athletic Shoe Reviews

I’m just an everyday, regular person looking for athletic shoes that fit right, perform well, last long enough, and don’t cost more than a new smart phone. 

If you’re like me, you just want to read straightforward athletic shoe reviews from real people who haven’t been paid off to give their opinions.  Or reviews that tell me more about product specifications than how the shoes really work and feel.

This is where you come in.  This page is YOUR platform to share YOUR shoe reviews and opinions. 

  • Do you have a favorite shoe brand?  Why do you like it so much? 
  • Is there a brand that you’ve tried that never fits right and you’d never buy it again?
  • Does a specific shoe brand or model always fit right and you can count on it every time?  Or do you have no brand loyalty at all – you just go with the one that works best after trying on countless pairs?
  • Have you had a great – or horrible – experience buying shoes from a particular store or vendor?  Let us know so we can shop there too, or avoid it at all costs!

What's YOUR Shoe Story?

Share your own shoe reviews and buying experiences - good or bad - and your tips to help others choose the best athletic shoes!

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Have you seen the #VansChallenge?  It’s all over social media.  

Apparently, someone discovered that anytime you throw or drop your Vans sneakers, they always land right-side up.  Like a cat.

So now there are all kinds of videos showing people doing this with all styles of Vans sneakers. Most of them are proving the theory to be true, but some show their Vans aren’t following this formula. 

I don’t own a pair of Vans, so I can’t make my own video and try this.  However, the whole phenomenon got me thinking.  Does the same thing happen when you drop or throw any other brand of athletic shoes?

So I went to my closet and grabbed my Adidas, New Balance, Allbirds, and Saucony, along with my husband’s Under Armours.  I tried dropping them all several times to see what would happen.

In my experience, the only shoe that consistently landed upright was the Under Armour.  The others did once or twice, but they would land upside down or sideways just as often.  The Under Armours landed sideways one time, but otherwise they were upright.

Check out one of the videos of my experiment:

So does this mean anything? Probably not.

When I watched some of the Vans videos online, my conclusion was that maybe that brand is bottom-heavy. Their mass is on the bottom, which would make them turn that way when thrown or dropped.

Vans, after all, were originally made for skateboarding.  The shoes have heavy soles to weigh the feet down and keep them on the board, and to cushion your feet from the impact of skateboarding.  So it makes sense that a shoe that is heavier on the bottom will tend to land on its bottom, or roll over and turn upright when you drop it.

This theory is further proven by the fact that some people doing the #VansChallenge say that their leather styles and other newer versions of the shoes aren't landing right side up.  That could very well be because their weight is more equally distributed.

My husband’s Under Armours also seem bottom-heavy, while my various brands seem more evenly weighted. The small amount of research I did here would certainly not qualify as a scientific discovery.  And neither would any of the other short videos going around about this.

But it’s fun to try it out anyway.

If you’d like to share your own theory, please contact me through the form at the bottom of this page. If you’d like to share a video of your own #VansChallenge, please visit AthleticShoeReview on Facebook and post it there.  I would be happy to include some of your videos here on my website.

I also invite you to share your shoe reviews and other shoe stories with me.  I’d love to hear what advice, challenges, and stories you have about your athletic shoes so we can all benefit by sharing with each other.

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