These Are the Best Selling Women's Running Shoes on Amazon Right Now. Should You Be Wearing Any of Them?

This website is all about helping women pick the right athletic shoes for their needs.  Since Amazon is such a huge presence and one of the major ways that people shop these days, I thought it would make sense to see which shoes women are buying most on the site, which will hopefully provide some guidance and insight.

I’m starting with best-selling running shoes since they seem to be the type of shoe women are looking for most.  I tried searching for the best-selling athletic shoes in general, but a lot of the shoes in that category aren’t true performance athletic shoes, which is what I think we need to focus on here.  I may write some future articles about best-selling women’s shoes for other sports, such as tennis, walking, or softball.  

There must be some reasons that these are the best-selling women’s running shoes on Amazon.  People may have heard about them from others and decided to try them, they searched Amazon for running shoes by price or particular features, or maybe they’ve already had success with these brands and styles and are coming back for more.

Whatever the reasons, taking a look at the features of these best-selling running shoes and focusing on what reviewers are saying about them can only help women who are looking for what is right for them.  For each shoe, I’ll give you general customer comments and then include direct quotes of one positive review, one negative review, and one review that I found amusing or strange, just because I thought you might enjoy it!

So please read through this list of running shoes, their descriptions, and samples of customer reviews.  Hopefully something will resonate with you to help you with your own shoe shopping decisions.

Then click the pictures or links of any shoes you’re interested in if you want to buy them on Amazon.

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Asics Women’s Gel-Venture 5 and

Asics Women's Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes

The Gel-Venture 5

The Gel-Venture 6

The Gel-Venture 6 is basically the same as the Gel-Venture 5 with some updates.  They are both near the top of the best-selling women’s running shoe list on Amazon, so I thought I’d address them together.

This running shoe features a mesh upper and an outsole with reversed lugs (which is the design of the slip resistant materials) to help with traction uphill, downhill, and on any type of running surface.  It also has high abrasion rubber in specific areas for durability.  Cushioning GEL technology provides comfort for both the front and rear of your feet and absorbs shock. The shoe has a removable sockliner so you can use your own orthotic device in its place if you so desire. 

  • The 5 ranks number one in women’s trail running and the 6 ranks number 1 in women’s road running shoes.
  • Price, color, and availability vary according to size, with sizes ranging from 5 to 12
  • 72% of customers gave these shoes a 5-star review, only 4% gave them 1-star, and the overall review is 4.5 out of 5.
  • Good for under-pronation and neutral pronation
  • Available in a variety of widths

Customer reviews indicate that these shoes are comfortable if you have plantar fasciitis because of the support they offer.  They describe them as fitting well and being a very good shoe for the price.  They liked that the outsole was good for different types of terrain.

A few customers felt they were not comfortable, that they were stiff and difficult to break in.

Several reviewers compared the two models and say the Gel-Venture 6 has a more rounded and larger toe box, less tongue padding but more heel padding, and deeper treads than the 5.  One also said it feels nearly a half size larger, and several others say it runs big.

People like the color options, from bright to subdued, and the fact that the outsole has color options other than white so they don’t appear to get dirty as quickly.

Positive Review: “These are my new favorite running shoes.  Not only are they comfortable, but they are inexpensive.  As a runner with high arches, and as one who rolls her ankles even on flat surfaces, these are fantastic.

Negative Review: “These were not comfortable to me at all - I'm picky for sure, but I expected these to be as good as other Gel Asics I've owned, and they were nothing like them.  They slide around because they lace lower down.  I didn't feel like there was much support for my feet/arches.  They are very stiff, not cushiony like gel shoes ought to be - and they just felt very cheap.  I could see the glue holding them together. Disappointing to me, especially after seeing such great reviews.

Funniest Review:“I get ASICS all the time, and I’m pretty sure my 11w feet haven't grown that much since I bought my last pair of running shoes.  I could barely squash my poor feet in here.  Felt like I needed to be one of Cinderella's sisters and lose a toe or my heel to fit into these shoes.  Otherwise typical good ASICS quality and feel, just order up two sizes if you can.”

Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes

This is a stretchy, knit running shoe with a sock-like fit.  The upper is all one piece with no separate tongue.  They slip on, but you can tighten them with the laces.  Cushioning includes a memory foam sockliner with Adidas Cloudfoam.

  • Ranks number two in women’s road running shoes
  • Sizes range from 5 to 12
  • Variety of colors
  • 75% of over 1,100 customer reviews are 5-star, 11% are 4-star, and just 4% are 1-star

The positive reviews of this shoe indicate that they’re comfortable, breathable, flexible, and fit true to size.  Customers like the lightweight feel, and that they are “super cute.”

But some negative reviews say the shoes are not comfortable, they have little cushioning or traction, and they’re not durable. Apparently, several people had them wear out very quickly.  They do not believe this is a “true” running shoe because they seem to have less cushioning. 

It’s a lower price point, so some reviewers just said you get what you pay for. 

Positive Review: “These are the cutest and comfiest shoes!  I am usually a size 8, and I have a few other pair of Addidas CF running shoes in size 8 that are a little too big.  So when I bought these I got a 7 1/2, and they fit perfect!  The color is super cute, and they are so light - perfect for running.  Love them - I will probably buy every color.

Negative Review: “Okay, these ARE cute if you just want a stylish sneaker to wear with leggings and run errands in; however- they are not made for exercise/fitness walking- and certainly NOT for running.  There is no support, and virtually NO padding. It may say "cloud foam" but there is more padding in my flip flops than these shoes.  If you can get a pair for a good price, and just want them for the look then go for it, but I would not recommend wearing/walking in them for long periods of time.

Funniest Review:“First, if ur gonna pay for a $55 shoe your gonna get a $55 shoe.  U cant expect to cross train in this shoe in total comfort.  That completely unrealistic and what people actually complained about on here.  Second, go a half size smaller.  I feel like it supports the foot better.  I personally really like the sneakers ive gotten.  Im an 8 now since after pregnancy and i got 7.5 and it fits perfect.  The intent i have for my sneakers is for walking.  Alot of walking but not Disneyland walking or 3 miles a day walking.  If i need more support then i would use tri support insoles i usually get.  But if i would expect $55 sneakers to have that kind of support they wouldnt be $55 now would they?  Be realistic.  Common sense is free.

Brooks Women’s Glycerin 15

This is a neutral women’s running shoe with mesh upper and Brooks Super DNA cushioning, which is supposed to provide 25% more cushioning than the standard DNA.  The upper is made with 3D Fit Print technology, giving it the ability to move and expand with your stride.  New improved transition zone disperses pressure more evenly throughout your body.

The newest version of this running shoe is the Glycerin 17, so this model is a few years old and no longer available through Brooks. But you can buy it on Amazon. 

  • Ranks number one in sports fan footwear and number 3 in women’s road running shoes
  • 77% of the 2,500 reviews are 5-star with only 5% 1-star ratings
  • Sizes range from 5 to 13 and include extra wide
  • Variety of colors
  • Prices vary by size

This is another best-selling running shoe that customers claim is good for plantar fasciitis.  They describe it as extremely comfortable for running as well as being on your feet all day.  Several people mention the roomy toe box and say they are lightweight and springy.  

One reviewer that compared the Glycerin 15 to the 14 said that the newer version is more streamlined and less bulky, but has less arch support.

Positive Review: “Great cushioning.  Can wear these all day.  Excellent jogging shoe (and in my case, walking, too).

Negative Review: “As an avid runner & an avid Brooks’ Glycerine wearer, I’m sad to report I was disappointed in this model.  I’ve developed calluses & a blister on my toe (I never get blisters).  It didn’t start happening until after the return window had closed.  For $150 (what I paid), it’s disappointing to say the least.  I’m going to try a new brand next time.  I can no longer justify the cost.

Funniest Review:“A crazy lady recommended these to me and they were horrible, don’t wear them on a wet floor or you will definitely go down , they wore out very fast these shoes are not meant for someone works on their feet.

Brooks Women’s Ghost 11

Brooks describes this best-selling running shoe as having just the right balance of softness and responsiveness.  Because it’s not too soft or too firm, Brooks says that if Goldilocks became a runner, she would choose this shoe.

This is a neutral road running shoe that won the Runner’s WorldEditor’s Choice award.  It’s good for runners with medium or high arches. The mesh upper stretches where you need the most flexibility, and supports you where you need it most.  The outsole features a “Segmented Crash Pad” for shock absorption, which means it cushions your feet no matter how your foot lands with your individual stride.

  • Ranks number four in women’s road running shoes
  • 77% of the 2,600 reviews are 5-star, and just 5% are 1-star reviews
  • Sizes range from 5 to 12
  • Colors vary based on size
  • Priced at $120

Reviewers say these shoes are very comfortable and fit true to size.  A few wish they had a touch more cushioning, but perhaps this isn’t the correct Brooks model for them since they are obviously looking for more softness than responsiveness.

Many customers purchase these shoes for working on their feet all day rather than running, and they say they wouldn’t buy anything else. One reviewer mentioned she did not like the new fabric of the uppers, and some wish for more color choices in wide styles.

Positive Review: “True to size, perfect fit!  So comfortable.  I was a Brooks wearer years ago but switched to a different cheaper brand when money got tight.  I was going through sneakers every 3 months... I finally decided to go back to Brooks and I will never stray again.  Thank you for making great, comfortable, lasting sneakers.

Negative Review“Have ordered the Ghost shoe for years and this is the first style that kill my feet.  I do not like the toe design at all.  There is not enough support and my toes dig into the mesh part.  The front of my foot slips around a lot too.  I am so sad I don’t like this style.  I loved the Ghost 10 shoe.  I ordered two pair because I loved them so much.  I am sending the Ghost 11 back.

Funniest Review:“Oh Ya'll!  I don't even have enough words to explain what these shoes have done for my quality of life!  I have fought back and foot pain for years. YEARS!  I've never been able to find a pair of shoes that help both.  I've spent all this time trying so hard to exercise and be healthy while back and foot pain would bring me to my knees and I felt so helpless watching the scale go up.  I've only had these for 2 weeks but I've already lost a few pounds and it is nothing more than being able to walk, actually WALK, and not do the my back's killing me shuffle.  After the very first day of wearing them my feet weren't throbbing that night.  I can't remember the last time that happened.  I wear an 11W and only wish they had more options in my size.

Asics Women’s Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes

This is one of the best-selling running shoes that is good for overpronators and people with low arches.  It’s the 25thanniversary of the Gel-Kayano, and updates include FLYTEFOAM Propel and FLYTEFOAM Lyte technologies to provide energized cushioning and exceptional comfort throughout the shoe.  This technology is said to be 55% lighter than industry standard EVA cushioning materials.

The mesh upper is multi-directional for more stretch and a better fit.  New technology in the heel counter provides improved support and better heel fit.  An internal elastic sockliner is breathable and manages moisture, seamless materials remove potential pressure points, and eyelet design provides more even pressure distribution across the foot.  

  • Ranks number five in women’s road running shoes
  • Out of 230 customer reviews, only 67% are 5-star and 15% are 1-star
  • Sizes 5-13, including wide in most sizes
  • Variety of subtle as well as bright colors, not all colors are available in all sizes
  • Priced around $100

Many reviewers indicate the toe box of this model is roomier than the 22-24 versions and that they are thrilled by its breathability and the number of color choices.  Some say they love the arch support and that these shoes were even recommended by a podiatrist.  Overall, customers like the comfort and durability.  Several people mention the shoes run a little small, and they suggest sizing up a half size.  

Positive Review: “I’ve been an ASICS fan since I was a teenager.  In my opinion, as someone with flat feet, they’re the best running shoe.  For a couple years the style of the gel kayanos changed but I have to say this model is just like the sneakers I fell in love with.  Great fit, excellent support, and appropriate flexibility near the toe.  I highly recommend.”

Negative Review: “These shoes had no cushioning, very little arch support and had an extremely narrow fit.  I bought the 7.5 (a half size up), & I couldn’t have taken them any longer, but they felt like they were crushing the front of my foot.  I expect to give a little on comfort in a stability shoe, but I would be miserable in these.  I’m returning them.

Funniest Reviews:“My bunion thanks you.  My flat feet thank you.  My arthritis thanks you.  This is the shoe that I have been looking for.”

“I wish the shipping carrier would not drop delivery right in front of my door!! - There are areas they can hide it so it is not seen from the sidewalk.  I had my neighbor get it for me while I was at work!”  {Note: What does this have to do with the quality of the shoes?}

Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam QT Racer

These best-selling running shoes feature a mesh upper in a “slim” style with a “streamlined” shape.  So don’t expect to fit well in them if you usually wear wide shoes or need a lot of room in the toe box.  Cushioned with Cloudfoam memory foam.

They are also described as a “running-inspired” shoe, so I don’t believe they offer as much cushioning or performance features that you might need if you’re a serious runner.

  • Ranked number nine in women’s running shoes
  • Only 186 customer reviews, 71% are 5-star and 6% are 1-star
  •  Sizes from 5 to 11
  • Basic colors like black, gray, and white with a little pink or blue added in
  • Price ranges from about $35 to $55

Reviewers say these are soft, lightweight, comfortable, flexible, and a good shoe for the price.  Several suggest buying a half size smaller than you usually do because they seem to run large.  They are also described as stylish and fashionable, which again leads me to believe that they are not as supportive as serious running shoes.  But if you’re not a serious runner, these may be just what you’re looking for.

Positive Review: “I love these shoes.  In general my feet hurt at awkward moments, one of them being when I work out.  I just worked out for the first time in these shoes and NO FOOT PAIN. thank the heavens!  It’s really exciting for me because this has been happening to me for years.  I’ve been waitressing in these shoes for a few weeks as well and they are great!”

Negative Review: “Terrible.  The front part of sole detached after just a month, progressively got worse until they were useless.  The inside felt like it was lined with plastic.  Are they really Adidas?”

Funniest Reviews:“I wore these all day at Disneyland, while wearing a 24-lb. baby and didn't want to die.”

“I am returning them because of the annoying bag crunching sound they make with every step.  The upper lining inside the shoe seems to be made of those plastic drawstring sports bags.  I wanted these for gym use but I can’t deal with the noise lol.”

Are Any of These Best-Selling Women’s Running Shoes Right for You?

While I keep hearing that Nike is the most popular and top selling athletic shoe brand, I can’t help but notice that none of the best-selling running shoes on Amazon are Nikes.

Maybe it’s the price, maybe it’s the quality, maybe it’s that Nike concentrates more on basketball shoes or men’s shoes than they do on good, affordable running shoes for women.  Perhaps it’s a combination of all those things.

Regardless, I hope these descriptions and reviews of the best-selling women’s running shoes will help you in your quest for the right running shoes for you.  

You might notice that a few of these shoes are older models that have since been updated by the running shoe companies.  Most likely, customers prefer these models over the new ones, whether it be because of price or features.  And since the older models may no longer be available at stores or through the shoe companies directly, they are buying the shoes on Amazon.

While reading through the Amazon reviews for my research, I noticed many customers expressing their wishes for companies to stop changing the features of their shoes so often.  Once they find a running shoe they like that fits well, they want to keep buying it.  But when the new model comes out and changes have been made, it no longer fits the same and people find it frustrating. 

While it’s understandable that shoe companies want to improve their shoes when new materials or technology become available, I can understand how these changes can affect the way a shoe fits or feels.

I guess that’s why it can be important to try on shoes before buying them, or at least be sure of the return policy before purchasing.

If you’d like to share your own shoe review for one of these best-selling shoes, or for a completely different brand or style, please visit the Shoe Review page.  I would be happy to include your review on my website.

Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

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