How to Get Discount Athletic Shoes

We’re all looking for the best-fitting and most comfortable athletic shoes, but when we find them, they can be pretty expensive.  So what are the best ways to find discount athletic shoes?

According to The Balance, the best times of the year to buy athletic shoes are in January and April.  These months are not just random, but have to do with our habits and the weather.  In January, many people make resolutions to exercise more and lose weight, so they often need to buy new athletic shoes.

January is one of the best months to find discount athletic shoes.
April is one of the best months to find discount athletic shoes.

April is when the weather changes in many parts of the country, and people start going outside more to run, walk, or just enjoy nature.  Stores often hold sneaker sales during these higher demand times of the year.

You may also find discounts on athletic shoes when kids go back to school and during the busy holiday shopping season.  Stores know kids need new shoes for the new school year, and holiday shoppers may be looking for a good gift bargain or to treat themselves with discount athletic shoes.

Finding the Deals

If you like shopping at a specialty athletic shoe store for its knowledgeable staff and hands-on service, buying shoes there can be more expensive than your local sporting goods shop.  One approach to saving money in this case is to pick out the shoe you like, and then shop around or online for the same model.  But if that seems a little underhanded, you could see if that store offers coupons or will be running a sale on your favorite shoe anytime soon.

Some stores, like Dick's Sporting Goods, offer a best price guarantee.  They will match a lower price for the exact same shoe if you find it for less somewhere else, including online.

Another option is to see if the store still has any of that shoe in last year’s model.  Stores often run sales to clear out their old stock when the new models come in.  If they happen to have last year’s model in your size, the price should be significantly lower.

Discount athletic shoes can sometimes be found on last year's models.

Specialty stores may also offer shoe discounts to people who are running club members, so be sure to ask.  If you’re not already a member, you may be able to sign up for a running club right there in the store and then use your discount immediately.

Once you do find shoes that work for you, always keep your eye out for a good deal.  Pay attention to store ads or subscribe to online newsletters that keep you informed of sales.  And since shoes don’t expire like other items you buy, there’s no harm in buying more than one pair at a time.  Take advantage of that great deal, buy two or three pairs, and store them in your closet until your current shoes wear out.  You know they will eventually.

Lower Cost Brands

You may also consider trying lower cost athletic shoe brands.  Champion is a brand available on Amazon and at Target stores, and they have a lower price point than your typical athletic shoe brands.  They all sell for less than $40, with most styles coming in at $25 to $30.

Champion is a lower cost athletic shoe brand.Champion
Everlast is a lower cost athletic shoe brand.Everlast

Everlast shoes are available at Kmart and Sears stores, and their prices generally run from $15 to $30.  Most online reviews of the shoes say they are comfortable and worth buying for the price, but a few say they are not well made.  If you are willing to try something at this lower price, you just may have to replace them more often.

These discount athletic shoes may not offer the same amount of support or last as long as more expensive athletic shoe brands, but if you are not ready to make that kind of financial investment you may want to give these a try.

Discount Athletic Shoes Online

If you search online for discount athletic shoes, you will find an incredible number of websites that offer sneakers at clearance prices.  This includes everything from Amazon and ebay, to shoe retailers, to discount warehouses and outlet stores.  You can also find links to coupons and special offers for athletic shoes. 

You can search for discount athletic shoes online.

You could easily spend hours and hours wading through these websites looking for the best discounts on athletic shoes.  But you’d hardly make a dent by looking at site after site for the greatest deal.

I think the most efficient way to search online is to be very specific about what you’re looking for.  If you narrow it down to a particular brand, size, shoe type (running, walking, soccer, etc.), and even a model or color, you’re going to get a more manageable list to go through than if you just search for running shoes or discount athletic shoes in general. 

In order to search this way, it helps to do some in-store shopping and some research about the type of shoes you are looking for prior to shopping online.  You may still see pages and pages of results for your search, but generally only the first one or two pages actually match your search terms.  Check out Choosing the Right Shoes and Shoe Buying Tips for help with your research.

Do you have any other advice for finding discount athletic shoes online? Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving me a comment in the Contact Us section at the bottom of this page.  I will be happy to add your ideas to my website!

One More Way to Save Money...

An additional way to save money on athletic shoes is not to buy them as often.  Now I’m not suggesting you wear your shoes until the material splits and your toes are showing through.  You obviously need to replace your shoes when they are worn or no longer properly cushioning your feet.

But if you really take care of your shoes you can make them last a little longer.  For one thing, don’t wear them for anything other than the sport or activity you need them for.  For example, if you’re a runner or a tennis player, don’t wear your specialty running or tennis shoes to the mall.  Keep an older or less expensive – but still comfortable – pair on hand for other purposes.

Save money on athletic shoes by taking good care of them.

After you wear your athletic shoes, keep them in a cool dry place rather than in your car, locker, or gym bag.  They will last longer if you allow them to air out properly.  If you do want to clean them to keep them looking new, don’t put them in your washing machine and dryer.  Wash them by hand with a soft scrub brush and a mild soap, and then allow them to air dry.

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